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Meditation is the conscious state of inner silence, pure consciousness, quietness, and omni-comprehensive void.

It's the attitude of witnessing anything happening within you, with detachment, stillness, and solitude.

It's pure subjectivity and impersonality; exiting mind, time and space and returning home.

Meditation is nourishing your consciousness and welcoming all.


Info & Meditation

Learn all the Techniques, practice them, spend an hour just with yourself,

and share, if you want, what surfaces to your consciousness.

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Meditation techniques are important tools for awakening your consciousness. They help you removing obstacles, dust, and interferences precluding you to grow above your mind, and highlight the witness, consciousness itself, what you are in your deepest essence. Their great number and diversity tunes with the peculiar personality type of each of us, as infinite aspects of Being.

Here some of the Techniques explained:

Vipassana Meditation: Sit in silence for an hour and watch your breath go in and out without interfering with it, just watching it. Vipassana can be practiced laying down, laying on our right flank with your hands clasped under our right cheek. You can also practice Vipassana walking slowly and shifting your attention to the soles of your feet.

Kundalini: In the first stage shake your spine and body, become the shaking. In the second stage dance, become the dance. In the third stage you sit in silence and listen to the music. In the fourth and final stage you lay in absolute stillness and let go of everything

Nataraj: In the first stage of forty minutes just dance. In the second stage of twenty minutes, you lay motionless on the ground. In the third stage of five minutes, dance again and get back to life.

Gourishankar: In the first stage, sitting, inhale fully and hold the breath, then exhale completely and hold your breath, and so on. In the second stage, sitting, watch the blue core of a candle flame, or a blue strobe light pulsating three flashes per second. In the third stage, standing, let your body sway. In the fourth stage, lay on the floor very still and let everything go.

Devavani: In the first stage, sitting, listen to a soft childish music. In the second stage, sitting, kindly vocals as a child before you start talking. In the third, standing, continue to vocalize. In the fourth, lay absolutely still and abandoned.

Gibberish: In the first stage, sitting, do thirty minutes of gibberish, which means to say things only through sounds without meaning. In the second, sit still. In the third you lay completely still.

Nadabrahma: In the first stage, thirty minutes, sit and hum with your lips closed, inhaling and exhaling through the nose, until you run out of breath. The music changes and starts the second stage. In the first session of seven and a half minutes, give your energy to the universe from your center, the second chakra, three fingers below the navel. Keep your hands facing up and move slowly from below the navel, in outward movements until you come back to the navel, and so on. The music changes and reversing the position of your hands, for another session of seven and a half minutes, from below your navel start taking energy from the universe by moving your hands inwardly and then directly to your navel, in your second chakra. In the third stage you lay down motionless and let go of everything.

Quick Tip: Close your eyes and consciously disappear. That's meditation.


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