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Enlightenment Coaching assists you understanding what enlightenment is, and realizing it, if that's what you're looking for - and your destiny too - in the simplest and pleasant possible way, in your own time, keeping almost unchanged your actual life-style.

Enlightenment is a level of consciousness where you are detached from all, and are just consciousness.

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When it is time for you to realign with your own destiny, your Coach assists you until you succeed, in the most relaxed, easy, and pleasant way, celebrating life at once and the joy of existing.







Life Coaching assists you discovering what you really want in life, and opening your personal capacities to get it, generating your own individual answers to your own deep questions, looking within yourself for all possible solutions, freeing yourself of all things and people which are useful no more to your life purpose.

Inventing something new awakening your sleeping talents, thinking what you've never though before, and saying what you've never said before, taking actions for the concretize your visions, goals, and desires.

Acknowledging your personal genius to create different manners, strategies, and ways to be free, identifying your destiny and rejoicing in carrying it out, giving the best of yourself and see and move beyond yourself.

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Distant Life Coaching

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When is time for you to realign with your own destiny, your Coach assists you until you succeed, in the most relaxed, easy, and pleasant way, celebrating life at once and the joy of existing.


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For a quick, self-coaching, let's look at the fourteen, basic, Metaphysical Life Coaching questions and see what answers come up. The best way is to stop in silence over each question and let the answer surface from the depth of your being. When the right answer comes, it always surfaces together with a good feeling of yes; a sense of knowing it is just like that. This sense of knowing is also known as the seventh sense. If nothing comes, move on to the next question, your answer will surely manifest in some other moment.

What do I really want in my own metaphysical life?
This question requires a honest self-inquiry about what trills you metaphysically, what you consider of high value, what rings bells in your heart, what is the end game of your metaphysical search, what you would do if you had the money, time, strength and guts to do it.

What are my personal capacities to get it?
This question requires an honest self-inquiry about what you’re good at, what are your qualities, attitudes, and leanings, and what your inner nature, and determination are; you can also ask your friends what your virtues are.

How do I generate my own answers to my deep questions?
They generate by intuition and inspiration, you let them surface from the dept of your universal being; you let them manifesting within yourself.

How do I look within myself for possible solutions?
By meditating, and quietly witnessing what appears on the blackboard of your consciousness.

How do I get rid of all things, acquaintances, attitudes, and habits that are no longer functional to my purpose?
Pluck courage up, roll up your sleeves, shut your mind up, and get rid of them in any possible way. Do not be worried, the universe takes charge of the recycling. Empty your drawers, basement, and attic of all the old stuff you did not use in the last couple of years, throw it or give it away. Delete names and telephone numbers from all of your address books of acquaintances you have nothing to do with, or not anymore; silently thank them and let them go. It’s easy, in so doing, that some call you, especially those drawing from your energy. Just stick to your life’s attitudes and habits functional to your own evolution; focus your attention on the ones giving you a pleasant feedback and make you feel good.

How do I invent something new?
Take inspired actions; when you feel it, do it.

How do I awaken my being's sleeping talents?
This question requires an honest self-inquiry and practice, noticing what comes easy for you to do and what you are an expert at without having practiced, studied, or emulated. Those are your talents serving you to manifest your higher purpose and only that. Follow and take benefit from them.

How do I think, say, and do something which I never thought, said and done before?
Let your mind think freely, helping you exploring the universal mind, while you witness what comes up; pluck courage up, unknot your tongue and say it, sing it, chant it, shout it; take the risk and do it; begin with something easy, something you can foresee the outcome, or jump straight into the unknown; really move beyond your comfort zone.

How do I undertake actions to achieve my visions, targets, and desires?
Focus on your vision, target, and desire and let them pull your actions up, while you remain the witness of the outcome.

How do I acknowledge my own personal genius to create different manners, strategies, and ways to reaching my goal?
Pat your shoulder every time you create a new one, and go for it; bow down to yourself every time you create a new one and actuate it; smile at your self every time you create a new one and walk it until the end.

How do I identify my own destiny?
This is your own destiny, you're already in it; just notice and acknowledge what’s going on within and around yourself; that’s your ultimate mirror.

How do I rejoice in carrying it out?
Sing, dance, share, celebrate, offer, support, donate, and be alive. Joy comes from within and needs nothing to manifest but your intention to be it. There’s no need for any special reason, and if you have one, well, but do not depend on it.

How do I give the best of myself?
Overcome your own laziness; push yourself a bit.

How do I see beyond myself?
Open your eyes; you are an infinite spark of something infinitely bigger than what you think you are.

As you can see, there are no other answers than the corresponding, practical actions happening before thinking, in direct grip with life, in the present moment. Set then thinking aside and jump into life.

From: The Secret of Metaphysical Science


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