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Crystals are powerful Metaphysical Tools for balancing and expanding the vibration of your Chakras and Subtle Bodies, for restoring the integrity of your Meridians' energy flow, and to activate your sleeping talents and capacities.

They're stable light frequencies, perfectly matching with your personal ones, generate harmonic resonances that penetrate deeply into the various levels of your Being, resolving all structural anomalies of your consciousness.

Each sessions lasts one hour, you receive it laying down, comfortably relaxed in a balancing chamber, and it's absolutely pleasant.

Crystals are placed on your body on your chakras’ corresponding areas. The outcomes of Chakras' balancing, all within a deep and peaceful dimension of meditation, are: expansion, wellbeing, intimacy, and confidence.


The Complete Learning of the Crystals Technique comes in three levels of training.

1° Degree: Knowing the Chakras: Meditating, Individuating, and Perceiving Them; Knowing the Crystals: Meditating, Cleaning, and Recharging Them; the Synchronicity between Crystals and Chakras, The Pendulum, How to give oneself a Treatment Session; How to give others a Treatment Session; Sensation, Benefits, and Experiences. No prerequisites.

2° Degree: Deep into the Crystals: Different Families, Different Functions; Deep into the Chakras: Different Levels of Manifestation; the Subtle Bodies, or Auric Layers; The Synchronicity between Crystals and Subtle Bodies; Chakras, Subtle Bodies, and Crystals; Deepening the Self Treatment Session; Deepening the Treatment Session. Prerequisites, first degree.

3° Degree Master: Laser Crystals; Metaphysical Surgery and Teleurgy; The Meridians and The Void; Crystals’ Chemical Components; Crystals and Specific Situations; Crystal Essences and Mandalas; Crystal Master Activation. Prerequisites, second degree.

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Some of the Crystals:

White Quartz, Erkimer, Kunzite, Diamond, White Apophylite, Moonstone

Ametist, Sapphire, Sugilite, Violet Fluorite, Violet Opal

Lapislazzuli, Sodalite, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Crysocol, Azurite, Topaz Blue

Emerald, Aventurine, Green and Pink Tourmaline, Crysocol, Crisoprasio, Diopside, Peridot, Malachite, Brasilianite, Pink Quartz, Rodocrosite, Rodonite

Imperial Topaz, Citrine, Tiger Eye, Alessandrite, Amber, Pyrite, Heliodor, Rutilate

Orange Agate, Carnelian, Diasper, Coral, Sun Stone

Garnet, Ruby, Hawk Eye, Hematite, Black Obsidian, Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Magnetite

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