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Chakras are nucleus of consciousness and energy vortexes within the very core of our human bio-electro-magnetic system.

They code and decode the microcosmic vibration of the universal field, adjusting the harmonic intensity of incoming and outgoing frequencies and spin around empty, generating hub of consciousness.

In number of seven, they are situated along a coexisting and parallel line at the center of the spinal cord and brain and they are linked together by a central consciousness channel called Sushumna, meaning the Penetrating Vessel, a nerve current running from the basal plexus to the crown of the head and back, consenting information inter-exchange and quantum nourishment.

Their optimal, individual, simultaneous efficiency generates the personal, unified field of consciousness, the inner white light.

Their scarce, individual, simultaneous efficiency generates the personal fragmented field of consciousness, the inner shadow light.

Chakra Balancing by Crystals

one hour session

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Distant Chakra Balancing

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Sahasrara: Thusandfold

Ajna: Command

Visuddha: Purity

Anahata: Un-Struck

Manipura: Jewel City

Swadhisthana: Abode of the Self

Muladhara: Root Place

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