Dr. Andrea Scarsi

(Swami Prem Sandesh)

Metaphysics Meditation Celebration


Hi from Dr. Andrea Scarsi, I love meditation, spirituality, and metaphysics, as ways to personal growth, and collective evolution, and I'm sure you love them too.

I put up this website together as a resource to share practical information regarding various metaphysical disciplines and techniques meant to charge, balance and harmonize our consciousness and its consequent manifestation.

Each practice is finalized to remove all illusory obstacles preventing the realizazion of our real self, our essential being, favoring its achieving and expansion. They're all evolutionary and useful either if we are searching for enlightenment, or relaxation, or to live, prosper, and produce better, or just do nothing.

My life's philosophy has no limits of age, sex, ideology, doctrine, or belief of any kind; it respects and honours all walks of life, and invites any new experience that contributes further exploring and expanding our consciousness and the consciousness of the entire universe.

Enter, read, connect, and feel free to share anything you wish, I'm professionally confidential. The intention is to grow bigger together, and I really hope you find this website useful. Happy Surfing!

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